RZR Ride Command 7″ Display

Product Number: 2882068


A 7 inch touch screen display designed for Polaris users, allows you to stay connected with friends, sync your phone via Bluetooth, capture your ride through GoPro link, mark tracks through GPS and much, much more!


Imagine if there were a way to truly connect with your riding experience.

To be able to know where your riding buddies are without having to follow in their dust. Or communicate with passengers without having to shout over engine noise and wind gusts.

Imagine monitoring and controlling your phone or GoPro even while they are out of reach—sharing your off-road experience with family and friends with the push of a button.

If you’re looking to enhance your riding experience, you no longer need to imagine.

Polaris Ride Command allows you to effortlessly connect to your machine, your devices and your friends like never before—putting the off-road world right at your fingertips.


• Everything you need at the touch of your finger

• Fuel Level, Coolant Temp, Battery Voltage


• Trip 1 / Trip 2

• Group Ride

• Full GPS Capability (w/GPS Puck)

• Save tracks/trails (import/export) via USB or Bluetooth

• AM & FM tuner

• Preset Station & Genre

• Compatible with Front and Rear (IR-Lit) Cameras (sold separately)

• GoPro Integration

• Missed Call/Text Message Icons

• Cell Phone Battery Life Icon

• Cell Phone Signal Strength

This 7″ Display Suits:

ALL 2 SEAT XP® 1000 MY 14-17, XP® TURBO EPS MY 16, 1000 S EPS MY 16-17, ALL 900 MY 15-17, 900 EPS MY 14

Please Note: The Dash Mounting Kit required for this product is sold separately – see 2882069.


Upgrade your experience with these additional Ride Command Accessories (sold separately):

SENA Bluetooth headset  – see 2867459

Front camera kit – 2882381

Reverse camera kit – 2881653